True Cost Of Employment

The Reason Why Many Professionals Are Choosing To Go Offsite


Eliminate hidden costs
Reduce your overheads

Private practices can be costly to run. VConsult can save you real money on practice management overheads. Better still, outsourcing is often 100% tax deductible. VConsult gives you back the time to make money, not manage it.

Finding and keeping quality staff can be stressful
Say goodbye to:
  • Advertising costs
  • Time-consuming reference checking and interview costs
  • Health and drug checks
  • Paying wages for absenteeism
  • Potential unfair dismissal actions

Employment Costs Your Own Staff VConsult
Salary and wages $25 + ph Covered
Penalty rates $$$$ Covered
Leave loading (long service leave) $$$$ Covered
Superannuation contributions 9%+ Covered
Sick Leave 3% / 10 days p.a. Covered
Annual leave 7% / 20 days p.a. Covered
Public holidays 4% / 11 days p.a. Covered
Fringe Benefits Tax $$$$ Covered
Incentive and bonus payments $$$$ Covered
Workers compensation (per employee) $$$$ Covered
Payroll tax (per employee) 4.95% Covered
Superannuation guarantee charge $$$$ Covered
Staff training costs $$$$ Covered
Staff professional development $$$$ Covered
Administration Duties Your Own Staff VConsult
Payroll administration Covered
Office management Covered
Policy development and implementation Covered
Quality control and customer satisfaction Covered
Organising leave replacements Covered
Advertising for, hiring and managing staff Covered
Purchasing and stock-take Covered
Database design and management Covered
Payments and reconciliation Covered
Taxation and record-keeping Covered
Banking Covered